"Repetition is the father of learning..."

Latest News
Our first course - Learn Basketball Shooting - is available now on Udemy for only £10! A discount is applied when you use the links provided from this site.

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Take a look at the next line of courses planned for Learn Basketball! 
  1. Learn Basketball Attack
    Learn Basketball Attack
    Master the basic offensive attack moves in order to be an effective scorer.
  2. Learn Basketball Shooting
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    Learn Basketball Shooting
    AVAILABLE NOW! Learn to shoot a basketball with great technique and excellent form.
  3. Learn Basketball Defence
    Learn Basketball Defence
    Learn how to stop an opponent in their tracks and protect your basket.
  4. Learn Basketball Dribbling
    Learn Basketball Dribbling
    Develop competent handling ability and confidently control the ball under pressure.
What We Believe
Here at Learn Basketball we believe that this sport, when taught with the right attitude, is a great tool for having fun, increasing fitness & developing friendships.
  1. A Winning Attitude
    We believe that success is achievable and it starts with a winning mindset.
  2. Qualified Coaches
    Head Coach Joel McKenzie is an English Basketball Association Level 2 qualified coach.
  3. Repetition > Learning
    The ability to learn new basketball skills is not for a select few - everyone can learn with enough practice.